Four Mobile Point-of-Sale Systems You Can Fit in Your Pocket

Mobile POS system is yet another innovation in the POS system. It cuts the length of checkout lines, makes a consultant out of a regular sales staff, makes way for an interactive marketing promotions, fast stock search and inventory check, offers different options for receipt issuance, manages customer relationship, and enables remote selling of products. Though this technology allows remote access for both customers and store crew, it does promote, on the other hand, a more personal interaction between them. Mobile POS took the cashier away from behind the counter and put her closer to the customer where she is more able to provide a personalized assistance and, at the same time, transact with the customer efficiently.

Squate POS System

Square is a type of mobile POS system available for download from the App Store and Google Play Store and will work well with smartphones and tablets. It also comes with both hardware and software for a more efficient business transaction.Among its features include receipt issuance, inventory management, analysis of data and generation of reports and feedback. All these are designed to optimize business processes. With constant free updates, Square can handle operations of both big and small businesses.

Etsy POS System

Sell on Etsy is an app that is geared towards the use of a seller. It allows the seller to constantly communicate with its customers and lets them customize product listing. A seller can have more than one account and this app enables him to manage and access all of those accounts using the same smartphone or tablet. Promotion of new items, newly arrived, deals and discounts are easy in this app as it can share photos to different social media sites. It also has an order management feature that makes a seller able to see an overview of completed orders and send a notification to the customer if his order is already on its way.

PayPal POS System

PayPal paved the way for a secured transaction done online. It lets one use his or her credit card to fund the account but it is the PayPal account which will be used to transact online. With this method, there is a lesser risk of credit card information being exposed. Now, we might have used PayPal through a desktop or laptop but this payment system has a mobile app version as well. Known as PayPal Here, the downloadable application available on its website works with a separate chip card reader for an EMV-compliant transaction. Just like the other mobile POS systems, PayPal Here is also packed with a range of features meant to make business processes smooth and fast. By just creating an account and with the aid of the smart chip card reader, the seller can accept online and in-store payments and even release loans, if the business is big enough to facilitate such. Aside from that, PayPal Here app can manage inventory and generate sales report by date, salesperson, items, and more.

SparkPay POS System

Last, but certainly not the least, is SparkPay. SparkPay can be used if one plans to sell online or sell in person. For an online store owner, SparkPay is more than just a POS system for it can also act as an eCommerce platform that is customizable with free themes, marketing tools, and others. Sellers with physical store, on the other hand, enjoy a POS system complete with free payment terminals, digital register, mobile reader, and more.

Establishing a shop nowadays is less stressful than it was in the past, thanks to eCommerce platforms and mobile POS system. Both increases business productivity while, at the same time, creates more ways for the business to have a personal interaction with its customers.

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