There has been an unprecedented rise of cyber-attacks on businesses that deal with their customer’s personal data. Among the most affected of these hostile attacks is the retail industry. These include fast food chains, retail stores, and hotels around the world.

These kinds of attacks aren’t new and no one is immune, even large companies like Target and Wendy’s have been the victims of these attacks in recent years. Buy & Sell products POS

Attacks and schemes like these could be avoided if you properly safeguard and secure your POS Devices. Here are a few solutions as to how you can protect your system.

  1. Use an iPad for POS

It’s easy to turn your iPad into a POS device. All you will need is an iPad, a credit card reader and a POS application. This type of POS system would cost less and would easily be adopted by employees due to the popularity of Apple devices in today’s day and age. It is also easy to use and is less prone to cyber-attacks due to iOS devices only being able to fully run one app at a time. Some POS apps you can use on the iPad are Square Register, ShopKeep POS, and Revel Systems.

  1. Use End-to-End Encryption

Software such as those provided by Verifone will protect your customer information from being hacked. This software encrypts the data “to go straight from the unit into the gateway” and will enable your data to be always protected from cyber-attacks.

  1. Lock Down Your Systems

Carefully locking your system at the end of the day is the most practical thing to do. This will make sure that your system will be safe from the wrong hands and from theft. Make sure your POS device are in a safe and secure place in which only a few will have access.

  1. Install Anti-Virus Software

The easiest solution is to install a high-end anti-virus program that will prevent your system from malware and cyber-attacks. You will be able to scan your system for any unwanted files, malware, and other suspicious software and protect your data from being infiltrated. Sell Online

  1. Be PCI-Compliant

You must be able to comply to the standards of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). You must regularly check whether or not you are following PCI standards and always monitor your assets in order to see any vulnerability in your system.

  1. Hire Security Experts

You are not going to know everything. Make sure to hire high security experts when things get too much. These security experts will help you find the roots of the problems your system is having and will suggest security measures as to how you can secure your system.

Do you have any comments and suggestions on securing point-of-sale systems? Let us know in the comments below.

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